Discover the Wonders of Water at the Mohammed VI Museum - AMAN in Marrakech

Are you looking for a museum that will pique your interest in the fascinating world of water? Look no further than this astounding place! 

From the rich history of water in Islamic culture to the modern-day irrigation systems, there's something here for everyone. 

Discover the Wonders of Water at the Mohammed VI Museum - AMAN in Marrakech

  • Last update: May 4, 2023, 11:19 a.m.

Do you love history? Technology? Or simply curious about the world around you? This museum will capture your imagination and leave you feeling inspired.

The Importance of Water in Moroccan And Islamic Culture

Inside The Museum of Mohamed VI

Inside The Museum of Mohamed VI

Water has a significant role in Islamic culture. Indeed, it is a symbol of purity, life, and spiritual purification. 

Islamic rituals such as Wudu and Ghusl require water for cleansing and purification. 

For centuries, the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs managed water resources in Morocco. This museum showcases the role that water has played in Moroccan society dynamics.

Modern Technology Meets Hydraulic Heritage

Old Technique To Extact Water

Old Technique To Extact Water

Are you ready to dive into a world of wonder and exploration? The Mohammed VI Museum of Water is perfect for you and your family to learn and have fun together!

The Musée Mohammed VI is not your average museum. Interactive displays with audiovisuals bring the history of water in Morocco to life. 

Here you will learn from the tiniest molecule to the incredible engineering of traditional irrigation systems. 

With interactive exhibits and engaging displays, you'll be able to discover the fascinating world of water in an entertaining and educational path.

Interactif Display

Interactif Display

And the best part? This museum is designed with families in mind! Kids and adults alike will love exploring the wonders of water together. 

So gather your loved ones and be ready for an adventure you won't forget!

Water in Industry

Water is not just a symbol of life and purity in Moroccan culture - it's also an essential resource for many industries. 

The Mohammed VI museum explores the economic uses of water in industries such as tanneries, salines, and sugarcane production. You can learn about the traditional techniques used in these industries and the modern technology used today. This section of the museum is a fascinating insight into the ways in which water has shaped Morocco's economy throughout history.


The Musée Mohammed VI pour la civilisation de l'eau au Maroc - AMAN is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the fascinating world of water. So next time you're in Marrakech, make sure you add the Musée Mohammed VI - AMAN to your itinerary - you won't be disappointed!

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