Kilim Berber Rug: The Reversible Carpet

The Berber Kilim rugs illustrate the identity of the tribes that weave them. Their ornament is typical to each tribe. 

Geometric figures, notably triangles and rhombuses, build the graphic of Kilim rugs. 

The Berber Kilim rugs are less colorful but more refined in decoration. These carpets can accommodate sober or colorful decorations.

Kilim Berber Rug: The Reversible Carpet

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Hanbel carpets or Kilim are woven and embroidered wool carpets.

Hanbel rugs from Morocco are also called Kilim or Klim. Kilim is a Turkish word deriving from the Persian gelim. It designates a carpet devoid of the pile.

The Kilim Rug: Trendy And Timeless

 Kilim Rug

Hanbel or Kilim are wool carpets that are woven and embroidered.

Kilim or Klim is a word of Turkish derived from the Persian Gelim. It designates a carpet devoid of the pile.

The Kilim carpet has a traditional graphic design. The techniques of weaving the Kilim rug arrived from the Orient through nomadism. 

The Kilim rug inspired the Berber weavers of the Atlas Mountains. As a result, they integrated the techniques in their domestic outcome. 

The Kilim Rug: A Flat-Woven Rug

Flat-Woven Kilim Rug

Unlike the Beni Ouarain rug, the Kilim rug is a short, thin, and pliable rug. The Kilim rug is made with flat weave and tight embroidery. 

The graphic style of the Kilim rug is very expressive. Geometric patterns such as zigzags, lines, and curves will surprise you. 

Also, the perfect combination of tradition and modern design makes the Kilim rug remarkably impressive. 

Kilim Rug Graphics: Bring Personality To Your Space

Kilim Rug Graphics

The Berber Kilim rug matches all interior styles. It works with the bohemian, Scandinavian, or even kinfolk style! 

You can use the Kilim carpet to cover your floor, wall, or as a blanket. Its finesse, resistance, and graphic patterns can only add charm to your residence!

The advantage of the Berber Kilim is that it is also reversible! It's up to you to choose the side you like the most. To your desire, you can also change sides from time to time.


Berber Kilim Rug: Authentic And Ultra-Decorative

 sober decoration

All the Berber Kilim rugs are handmade. The making of the Kilim requires patience and precision and lasts several months.

Each Kilim rug is authentic and distinctive. Each rug conveys a special meaning through its mysterious symbolic writing.

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