Zayane Rug: The Elegant Carpet

Zayane Rug: The Elegant Carpet

  • Last update: May 8, 2022, 4:03 p.m.

When we talk about the Atlas Mountains, it is necessary to mention the Berber heritage of these areas. On top of this heritage, we find the Zayane carpet.

Its completion requires weeks or even months of hard work. Patient women dedicate a lot of their time, effort, and imagination to making this praised rug.

Like mathematics, the weaving of the Zayane carpet requires intelligence and accurate measurements. One mistake is enough to restart everything from scratch. 

The Zayane Rug: A Product Of the Berber culture

 Zayane Rug

Do you want to discover the richness of the Berber culture? The Zayane rug will guide you. 

This rug is an exposition of the Berber heritage and civilization. Berber women exhibit their skills through the Zayane rug. This original product narrates the history, rituals, and identity of the Berber Atlas mountains tribes. 

If you love artistic creativity, this carpet will seduce you. Its colors are attractive, varied, and vibrant. Its patterns are unique, consistent, and harmonious. Now your living room will turn into a real harem and escape to the Orient. 

How To Make The Zayane Rug

The size of the Zayane rug can reach six meters. The carpet is the product of weeks or even many months of work. Berber women artisans make Zayane rugs with simple artisanal processes and tools. When the women finish the carpet, they make a small party to celebrate this big event.

vintage Zayane Rug

Old Zayane Rug

Pure wool and natural threads are the main components of the Zayane rug. The skillful hands of the Berber women artisans emboss the carpet with magnificent ornamentation. 

Patterns of animals and geometric shapes make a stunning landscape. The warm red tone predominates the dazzling colors. 

The Types Of The Zayane Carpet

There are two kinds of these pure wool carpets. 

 Zayane Rug on wall

The firsts are Large carpets. They are used to decorate the walls and floors of homes. They have a width ranging between 150 and 200 cm and a length of up to 200 cm. 

 Zayane Rug living room

The seconds are small carpets. They have a length of 120 centimeters and a width of 80 centimeters. They are often used as bedding or for decorating the rooms of homes.

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