9 Expert Tips To Buy Pure Argan Oil In Morocco

9 Expert Tips To Buy Pure Argan Oil In Morocco

  • Last update: May 8, 2022, 4:03 p.m.

Argan trees, from which we extract the oil, are grown in Morocco in trace quantities. The process to get Argan oil is entirely hand-operated. Manual manufacturing increases the cost of production. When you add the cost of packaging and shipping, Argan oil becomes quite expensive.

Thus, many merchants offer Argan oil at competitive prices and in any quantity. So be careful and take care not to be fooled.

Here are some tips to follow when buying Argan oil.

1. Country of Origin

Goats on argan tree

Goats On Argan Tree - South Of Morocco

The Argan oil should come from Morocco. There is no such thing as Chinese argan oil.

For your safety, buy argan oil from accredited dealers. They have to own valid authorizations to import the product from the country of origin. 

2. Edible Argan Oil Is cheaper.

Edible Argan Oil

Edible Argan Oil

Argan oil intended for cooking is less expensive than argan oil reserved for cosmetics.

Before extracting edible Argan oil, you have to roast the Argan almonds. 

This is why edible Argan oil is dark brown. It also has a strong flavor and a sharp smell.

3. Cosmetic Argan Oil Is "Cold-Pressed"

The color of cosmetic argan oil is golden yellow. And this oil has a light smell. Contrary to edible oil, we extract cosmetic argan oil without needing to roast the almonds. That is what we call cold-pressing.

Look At The Ingredients On The Argan Oil Package

To get the most benefit from Argan oil, it must be organic and pure. 

Pay attention to the part of argan oil in the product you buy. A small percentage of Argan oil does not provide any benefit. Choose, instead, a product that contains 100% argan oil without water or preservatives.

4. Argan Oil Bottle: A Cobalt Blue Is The Best

Cobalt Blue bottle

Cobalt Blue Bottle

Do not buy argan oil that comes in transparent containers or plastic bottles. 

When Argan oil is affected by the light, it loses its properties. It is better to buy Argan oil in dark and opaque bottles. This practice will allow you to use it safely and get the best results.

5. Color And Texture Signals

Color And Texture Of Argan

Argan Oil is Golden Yellow

The original Argan Oil is golden yellow. It has a smooth texture, not sticky nor watery. And when applied, the skin absorbs Argan oil quickly. 

When you look at the bottom of the bottle, you can see little sediment. If the bottom of the bottle is clear and transparent, then there is a risk. Either the oil is fully filtered, or it is not original and imitation. In both cases, the oil does not fulfill its purpose.

6. The Smell Of The Authentic Argan Oil

When it is without fragrance, it is without a doubt an imitation.

Argan Oil has a nut-like aroma that is very strong. Some people find the smell of Argan oil like popcorn. 

7. The Taste Of The Authentic Argan Oil

Edible Argan oil is delicious. It appeals to even the most demanding tastes. 

Yet, cosmetic Argan oil has a bitter and unpleasant taste. And this is because we do not remove the outer skin of the almond before pressing. 

8. Put Argan oil in the refrigerator

When you place the original argan oil in the refrigerator, it turns freezing and resembles margarine.

9. Mix Argan Oil With Water

If you add water to Argan the oil, the oil does not float. If it floats, it is not a genuine oil but an imitation.




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