The Cyber Park: A Little Oasis In The Heart Of The Medina

The Cyber Park: A Little Oasis In The Heart Of The Medina

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In the heart of Marrakesh and close to Jemaa El Fna square, Arsat Moulay Abdel Salam (or Cyber Park) is located on an area of ​​8 hectares. The Cyber Park is an enjoyable green space that combines tradition and modernity.

Between citrus, internet terminals, and Wifi stations, Arsat Moulay Abdelsalam is a fresh oasis. It takes away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh markets and streets.

It is large, comfortable, and quiet. It houses a museum and an institute of art.

In the 18th century, Moulay Abdelsalam, son of the Sultan, built the original park. The place turned into a public park at the beginning of the twentieth century.

And then, it became a place that lets you discover the success achieved by old architects and landscape designers.


The Cyber Park Or The Eco Park Of Marrakech?

Cyber Park gardens map

History of Cyber Park: A Wedding Gift

Things to do in the Cyber Park

Cyber Park entrance time

Things to know about visiting the Cyber Park


The Cyber Park Or The Eco Park Of Marrakech?

The garden of Moulay Abdelsalam benefited from an ambitious protection program.

This program aimed to rehabilitate the place and to provide a digital garden integrated with the environment.

Rehabilitation efforts ended in February 2005 and made the following outputs.

Recycle plant waste

A plant waste area has been created with three fertilization basins that allow the recycling of part of the lost plants.

For the park and converting it in natural, microbiological ways to fertilized fertilizer. 

This space is intended for the production of compost from biological materials. And also, it is a space to organize educational visits to understand the process.

Environmentally friendly irrigation system

The previous stalk was irrigated with the traditional irrigation system. This ancient system attests to the skill of Moroccans in the field of agriculture for centuries. However, it showed an obstacle; It uses large quantities of water in each watering process. 

Now, a drip irrigation system has been installed to reduce irrigation water. 

The old irrigation system is kept in operational condition to demonstrate the process during educational and tourist visits.

Solar energy

Two photovoltaic plants were completed in Arsat Moulay Abdeslam. 

The first station is on the roof of the building that houses the museum. The second station was installed on the surface of the Internet room.

The installed system enables lighting of up to 20,000 light bulbs per day and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,100 kilograms per month.

This made the Internet park more consistent with its purpose in the environmental level.

Cyber Park gardens map

History of Cyber Park: A Wedding Gift

The Garden of Moulay Abdeslam (Cyber Park) has a great history behind it. 

Arsat Moulay Abdelsalam is a historical site. It was founded in the eighteenth century during the rule of Sultan Sidi Mohamed bin Abdullah (1710-1790). 

Some historians reported that several orchards and gardens in the red city were planned by this sultan.

This sultan had a tradition. Every time one of his sons wanted to get married, he gave him a residency outside the Kasbah. And surrounded the residence with orchards and gardens. 

The Cyber Park was a royal garden carrying the name of Prince Moulay Abdelsalam.

Prince Moulay Abdelsalam was the son of the Sultan Mohamed bin Abdullah. The prince was a diplomat, a poet, and a writer. He was, as well, the ruler of Souss and the adviser of the sultan.

And these gardens are a wedding gift given by the Sultan to his son.

The sultan had a second son Moulay El Mamoun. Arast of Moulay Mamoun was the wedding gift of the Sultan to his son Prince Moulay Al Mamoun. In 1923, it was transformed into the Mamounia hotel

Things to do in the Cyber Park

1. Visiting the telecommunication Museum.

This space offers its visitors an original journey. Going through notable times and absolute advancements that changed societies and lifestyles.

The Museum has a lot of furniture, photo galleries, exhibits, and multimedia devices. 

This institution aims to show the progress of humanity in the field of information. This progress made the immediate exchange of knowledge possible. Thus, it stimulated development in all other areas.

2. Walkthrough the Rose Garden.

Along the historical wall south of Arset Moulay Abdeslam, you will experience the lively colors and aromatic perfumes of roses.

3. Read your favorite book in the reading corner.

The reading corner is a cool space in the park that provides calm and comfortable conditions for readers.

It is also equipped with internet access.

4. Access the web at the cyberspace

Internet space provides access to the Internet through many terminals. It has a free educational space for children and another for the public.

5. Get useful information through the interactive panels. 

Eleven interactive panels are distributed in the garden. And they are linked to the Internet. The content aims to inform visitors about tourism and cultural activities in Marrakech, and also environmental protection and sustainable development.

Cyber Park Panels

                                        Cyber Park Panels

Cyber Park entrance time

The park is open every day from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

The Internet space is open on the following schedule:

  • Monday -Friday: 8h30-18h30
  • Saturday-Sunday: 9.30-12.00 / 15.00-18.30

The cyberspace has an entrance fee of 5dhs.

Things to know about visiting the Cyber Park

  1. This park is free, pleasant, and peaceful.
  2. The park is patrolled by security guards and police.
  3. It has free toilets.
  4. The park is a mixture of formal gardens and wild areas.
  5. The park is close to the Koutoubia mosque. 
  6. The park is a Short walk from Jemaa El Fna square (the main square).
  7.  If you're tired of the turmoil in the medina, this is a pretty good place to go.
  8. Usually, it is not crowded. 
  9. On hot days it represents a break with a walk in the shade. 
  10. The park is located Between the Medina (the ancient city) and the new part (Gueliz neighborhood).


Arsat Moulay Abdeslam is one of the most relaxing places in Marrakech. If you want to rest or go for a walk, then this is the best place to go. 

It is also a great place to take photographs. 

The downside is that there are no restaurants inside. So you have to bring your food and drinks with you.

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