Are Atlas Mountains In Morocco Worth Visiting?

For nature lovers and hikers, the High Atlas offers a total shift of scenery. 

With mountains, forests, cliffs, sheltering, and traditional villages, the High Atlas is one of Morocco's must-see destinations. 

Are Atlas Mountains In Morocco Worth Visiting?

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Here, you can take magnificent walks in the heart of breathtaking landscapes. 

The Amazigh Berbers, who practice agriculture and livestock, are the main population of the High Atlas.

The High Atlas is home to the highest peak in North Africa. The mountain range separates the country into three distinct parts: Atlantic Morocco, Mediterranean Morocco, and Morocco Saharan. 

What is special about the Atlas Mountains?


Berber Village - Imlil Valley

What strikes first in the High Atlas is the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes, then the hospitality and sympathy of the populations in the Berber villages.

This region is also the favorite of hikers and lovers of wide-open spaces.

You can perform a hike for several weeks with a guide and cook. Therefore, it is required to pay attention to the preparation for the trek and choose the program adapted to your physical capacities.

Otherwise, you can make a small excursion in a Berber village and return to the hotel the same day. 

Is it safe to hike in Morocco?

Is Morocco Safe?

Morocco is a safe country regarding terrorism and attacks against tourists. 

The local government and people are serious about it. It is common to see checkpoints on the road with police and soldiers standing on the street.

When should I go to the Atlas Mountains?

The best time to visit the High Atlas is between April and September.

The continental semi-desert climate dominates the southern slope of the central High Atlas and the eastern part.

In summer, the heat is intense, with a risk of thunderstorms. In winter, from 2 500 meters high, pay attention to the tenacious snow cover.

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