The Guide To Visit Setti Fatma And the Seven Waterfalls


Setti Fatma is the last douar accessible by road from Marrakech. It is also the starting point for daily excursions and hikes. 

Some tourists come to see the seven waterfalls. And others come to experience the hikes of its mountainous trails. But everyone agrees that this is a must visit when you are in Morocco.

The Guide To Visit Setti Fatma And the Seven Waterfalls

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Who is Setti Fatma?

Setti Fatma was the ascetic daughter of a well known scholar of his time. People remember this lady as a righteous and agreed-upon guardian of religious traditions. 

She was a bright student of the scholars of her time. Her distinguished intellect emerged in various jurisprudential sciences. Even more, her enthusiasm and energy qualified her to teach.

Some sources reported that she used to wear clothes that resembled men's clothes. This unusual attitude led to many harassments against the pious lady. 

To escape people, she used to move between villages on the periphery of Marrakesh.

Finally, Setti Fatma settled in one of the valleys of the Ourika Valley. And this valley became known as the Zawiya of Siti Fatma

She then got married and made her home a refuge for the poor, the needy, and the stranger. She spent her money and time helping travelers, sicks, and orphans. Also, she played a significant role in reconciling personal and tribal disputes. 

Her house earned a powerful influence on the religious, social, and political life. It was a minaret of wisdom in the whole region. 

What to do in Setti Fatma?

Setti Fatma is a small picturesque Berber village in the Ourika Valley crossed by a river. The river is quiet or agitated according to the season. But the main challenge is overtaking the seven waterfalls in the heights.

The First Waterfall: An Easy Reach

Setti Fatma Waterfall

Setti Fatma Waterfall

The First waterfall is only a 30-minute walk away. You can reach it by a path through the rocks and small water courts. 

There is a small pool at the foot of the waterfall. During the hot summer months, locals and tourists use this pool to cool off after the ascent. Nearby, you can find restaurants and bars that offer you well-deserved breaks.

Setti Fatma Restaurants

Setti Fatma Restaurants

Do You Want More Challenges?

The more you walk, the fewer people there will be. The waterfalls above become less and less frequented. But beware of the heat in summer! Even at altitude, it can be blazing during the day.

When you earn a higher altitude, the six other waterfalls await you. You will need about 2h30 to walk along a small path in the direction of the woods. The prize will be letting you see the Berber macaques, the breathtaking view of the valley, and its douars.

Berber Macaque

Berber Macaque

For short walks or large excursions, you can hire a professional mountain guide. Guides will help you adapt the hikes to your expectations and your fitness level. 

You can choose between one day in a bivouac to a real mountain expedition for several days. It is also possible to reach the peaks of Oukaimeden from the trails starting from Setti Fatma.


Bring good hiking shoes, a swimsuit, comfortable clothes.

Don't forget sunscreen, hat/cap, and a small light jacket.

Provide water because the heat can be stifling in summer.

Beware of the recurring thunderstorms at altitude.

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