The Complete Guide To Visit Oukaimeden Ski Station

Morocco is known for its desert, its heat, and its unique landscapes. But against all expectations, it is also possible to ski there. And this is the case in the Oukaimeden ski station.

The Complete Guide To Visit Oukaimeden Ski Station

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Where Is Oukaimeden Located?

What To Do In Oukaimeden?

How Is Skiing At Oukaimeden?

What To Do In Oukaimeden In summer?

Where Is Oukaimeden Located?

The Oukaimeden  ski station is less than 80 km from Marrakech

Located in the High Atlas, the ski resorts of Oukaimeden peak at 3000 meters above sea level. 

The Oukaimden station is the snowiest in Morocco and the highest in North Africa. It is thus possible to ski 1h30 from Marrakech. 

This Perfectly equipped ski station is a real luxury in this North African country.

What To Do In Oukaimeden?

Skiing In Oukaimden

Skiing In Oukaimden

Skiing, skiing, and skiing. But there are more things to do than skiing.

Besides the ski slopes, the Oukaimeden area has many restaurants and hotels. 

Restaurant In Oukaimden

Restaurant In Oukaimden

The Oukaimeden station is on the top of the Ourika Valley. Superb promenades are also workable in the area. The walk will offer you a magnificent spectacle with a real change of scenery.

How Is Skiing At Oukaimeden?

When Can I Ski?

The Oukaimeden ski resorts are open from December and close around April. For more information, consult the weather forecast.

How Are The Slopes?

In the Okamiden station, there are three green runs, four blue runs, eight red runs, and three black runs.

black run In Oukaimden

Black Run In Oukaimden

The area does not have snow cannons. The snow cover is natural. So it can be more or less significant.

The northern slopes are not suitable for beginners. But they are challenging for experienced skiers.

The trails are not groomed or marked. And this makes them tricky. 

How to go up the slopes?

The resort now hosts drop-offs by helicopters. Experienced skiers and snowboarders come to ride off-piste slopes. Here you can appreciate vast areas without construction.

Get to Oukaimden by Helicopter

Get to Oukaimden by Helicopter

Amateurs are not left out. A chairlift was put into service a few years ago. A cafeteria is open in season at the top of the mountain.

For the more novice, five ski lifts at the bottom of the slopes are usable in the snow season.

The chairlift takes you to the top of the mountain, and five ski lifts provide lifts at lower altitudes. Depending on the snow, they are not all put into operation.

Oukaimden Chairlift

Oukaimden Chairlift

Lifting Price?

For 20 MAD you get one lift. 50 MAD for half a day and 100 MAD for the whole day (1$ is about 10 MAD).

Can I rent Skiing Equipments?

Yes. You can get the equipemnt with about 150 MAD (15$) per day.

Where To Stay In Oukaimeden Ski Resort?

If you want to spend the night in the ski resorts of Oukaimeden, it is possible to find accommodation in the French Alpine Club. You can also find a dormitory for a lower price.

At higher rates, you can enjoy all the comforts of a 3-star establishment at the Courchevel hotel.

The package for a day of skiing costs 100 MAD (about 10$). At the Oukaimeden Village, local inhabitants offer to ride the equipment on donkeys.

The Oukaimeden ski area is an original destination. You can also ride a donkey to visit this typical place.

How To Get To Oukaimeden Ski Resort?

Go To Oukaimeden By air

You can get to Oukaïmeden by helicopter from Marrakech or other cities in Morocco. Many companies offer this service.

Go To Oukaimeden By road

Take A Personal or Rental Car

It is preferable to find out about the snow conditions. The reason is to know if you will need to provide special equipment (chains or snow tires).

Take A Collective Taxi

You can take it from the various departure points in Marrakech. The collective taxi is an cheap but uncomfortable means of transport.

Take An Individual Taxi

It will pick you up at your door and drop you off in front of the Inn. The individual taxi can hold up to 5 people.

Take A Tourist Transport Bus

They are more suitable for small or large groups because they have buses (from 4 to 50 people per vehicle).

Many hotels in Marrakech offer a transfer and tours to the ski resorts of Oukaimeden.

What To Do In Oukaimeden In summer?

While Marrakech is hot in summer, Oukaimeden is never more than 25C°/77F°.

Tourists, ornithologists, trekkers, walkers, and climbing enthusiasts share the place.

Oukaimeden in summer is also the place for mountain bikes, motorcycles, and quads.

More and more extreme runners are taking part in the Ultra-Trail Atlas Toubkal (UTAT) in the fall. The UTAT is a mountain race for experienced people.

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