The Guide To Visit Asni Village

The arrival at Asni is a moment of choice. You can either continue straight to Ouirgane Valley and Tizi n’Test or turn to Imlil and Jebel Toubkal.

The Guide To Visit Asni Village

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The village itself is not the most picturesque of Berber villages, but it is worth stopping by. At least to admire the panorama and the surroundings.

Asni is also a starting point for beautiful excursions. To reach this calm land, you will cross landscapes of infinite nuances. Along the road, the scenery will surprise you. The route will tell you the lifestyle's history of berber people in the past. 

The Road To Asni

Asni is only a 1-hour drive from Marrakech. Yet, this short journey lets you discover fantastic rural Morocco. 

Asni village is 50 km south of Marrakech on the R203. The road is a good paved one.

If you have a car, it will take you a 1-hour drive along the R203. 

The cheapest way to get to Asni by a shared grand taxi vehicle (6-seats). You get a chair to Asni for only about 3$. The taxi may pick up people on the route.

Shared Taxi

Shared Taxi

How Does Asni look?

Across the road, you can see some remarkable pictures. The mule tracks, the douars on the hillside, and the shepherds leading their sheep. This journey is a reminder of the relativity of time. 

Asni is a Berber village 47 km from Marrakech. The small town is at 1150 m altitude, at the foot of Toubkal summit. 

Asni village does not have any particular magic, but the panorama is extraordinary. 

The Asni Valley rises against the highest peaks in the Atlas. You will appreciate the beauty and the purity of intact nature. Landscapes with infinite nuances. The life of Berber residents. And villages perched high in the mountains. This mixture is a haven of peace.

What to do in the Asni valley?

There are many activities to do during your stay at the Asni: 

Go To The Weekly Market

On Saturdays morning, the weekly souk is a pleasing local experience. Go early, because the groups of tourists are many in a season.

Berber families move down from the mountains by donkeys and mules to the market. It is an incredible experience to live.

Go To Ouirgane Valley

Ouirgane Valley

Ouirgane Valley

Ouirgane is a picturesque village located on the High Atlas. 15 km south of Asni, the Ouirgane valley is in the middle of the Toubkal National Park. You can do a lot of amazing activities during your stay at the Ouirgane Valley.

Go To Imlil Valley

Imlil Valley

Imlil Valley

15 km east of Asni, Imlil valley is a refreshing spot in Morocco. It is one of its most original parts. You can witness extraordinary views and experience incredible moments with the locals.

Visit Moulay Brahim

Moulay Brahim is very close to Asni (less than 10km ). It is a place of particular interest for women. Indeed the legend says that women with fertility problems need to tie a ribbon to a tree. When the ribbon comes off, the pregnancy will take place within a year.


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