Top Things to Do in High Atlas Morocco

The roof of Morocco is the nickname of the High Atlas. It is the border between the lands of oceanic and desert. 

Top Things to Do in High Atlas Morocco

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The High Atlas is full of small villages, astonishing cliffs, and beautiful deserts. Its landscape, mild climate, and cultural heritage make it a must-see in North Africa. 

Find below the most touristic addresses in the High Atlas (Not In Order 😀). 


Agafay Desert

Imlil Valley

Toubkal Summit

The Village Asni

The Ouirgane Valley

The Station Of Oukaimeden

Ourika Valley

Setti Fatma

Sidi Fares Valley

Aït-Ben-Haddou Village

The Waterfalls Of Ouzoud


Agafay Desert : Less Than One Hour From Marrakech

agafay desert camp

The distance from Marrakech to the Agafay desert is approximately 35 km or 22 miles. This distance is less than a 1-hour drive from Marrakech.If you don’t have enough time to visit the Sahara Desert, the Agafay desert is a good alternative. 

How can I enjoy my time there? Plenty of activities for all tastes. From relaxing and listening to silence in the night to jet skiing and quad biking by day.

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Imlil Valley : Contemplate The Beauty Of The Earth

Imlil under snow

Isolated Berber Village In Imlil Valley

Imlil valley is a verdant piece of land, 90 km southeast of Marrakech. With its stunning natural sceneries, this valley is a special spot for natural life enthusiasts. 

Imlil is also the stage of an intense, vibrating, and profound cultural legacy.

Inside this refreshing retreat, you can witness extraordinary views and experience incredible moments with the locals.

What can I do in Imlil ? You can go for a short hike of a couple of hours or for a very long one a couple of weeks. You can also just relax and experience a meal in a berber house.

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Toubkal Summit: The Highest Peak In North Africa

Climbing Toubkal With A Guide

Climbing Toubkal With A Guide

Toubkal is the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa. The ascent of The Toubkal summit is a fulfillment of oneself. 

The hike of Toubkal is an opportunity to see the magnificent landscapes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Toubkal is probably one of the most accessible peaks of its latitude (4,116 meters) in the world. 

The ascent of Toubkal is a great adventure that takes place on a 2 to 3-day hike. The ascension is not technical and does not need a lot of mountaineering experience.

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Asni Village : Choose Your Destination

The Guide To Visit Asni Village


Asni Berber Village is on your way to Ouirgane Valley, Tizi n’Test pass, Imlil valley, and summit Toubkal.

The village is worth stopping to admire the panorama and landscapes of infinite nuances.

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The Ouirgane Valley: For Nature Lover

Berber tent

Berber Tent

Ouirgane is a Berber village located on the High Atlas. 65 km south of Marrakech.

Ouirgane valley, in the center of the Toubkal National Park, is the perfect place for nature lovers. 

The scenery is breathtaking. The contrast between the rocky hills and the mountain's forests is unusual. During winter, snow covers the mountains across the horizon.

What can I do in Ouirgane Valley ? You can disconnect from big cities and appreciate a very relaxing atmosphere, go for a hike, visit particular nearby sites, and more… 

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The Station Of Oukaimeden: Skiing In The Middle Of The Desert 

Skiing In Oukaimden

Skiing In Oukaimden

Morocco is known for its desert and its heat. But against all expectations, it is possible to ski there in the Oukaimeden ski station.

The Oukaimeden station is the snowiest in Morocco and the highest in North Africa, 1h30 from Marrakech. This station has three green, four blue, eight red, and three black runs.

This Perfectly equipped ski station is a real luxury.

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Ourika Valley: The Popular Valley

Berber Ecomuseum

Berber Ecomuseum In Ourika

Ourika Valley is only 30 kilometers south of Marrakech. This valley is the most popular and frequented High Atlas site.

Nature is especially abundant in spring times. Tourists and locals flock for the unspoiled nature and original way of life.

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Setti Fatma: The Seven Waterfalls

Setti Fatma Waterfall

Setti Fatma Waterfall

Setti Fatma is the last village accessible by road from Marrakech (only 70 klm but 1h45 drive). This small picturesque Berber village, crossed by a river, is in the extreme southeast of the Ourika Valley. 

Setti Fatma is the starting point for daily excursions and hikes. The main challenge is overtaking the seven waterfalls in the heights.

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Sidi Fares Valley: The Hidden Valley Of Marrakech

Weekly Souk

Weekly Souk

The valley of Sidi Fares is beautiful and virgin in the High Atlas of Morocco. Only 70 km from Marrakech, this valley has stunning and contrasting landscapes. 

Mass tourism ignores the existence of this magic place.

You can sit on a terrace in a Berber house. The view is breathtaking. The gentle sound of the wind is blowing through the tall grass. 

On your way to Sidi Fares valley you can visit the Kik plateau. The Kik Plateau is a place out of time. Here, it seems that you come to disturb the serenity of this magic place. You will enjoy the extraordinary landscape with strong and deep culture. 

How can I enjoy my time there? You can immerse yourself into the local traditions and culture by visiting a Weekly Market, make your first Tagine or riding a mule and go for a nice walk.

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Aït-Ben-Haddou Village: A Hollywood Movie Stage

Aït-Ben-Haddou Sunset

Sunset At Ait-Ben-Haddou

Ait Benhaddou is a small Moroccan town in the province of Ouarzazate, 190 km from Marrakech. This small city, on the edge of the High Atlas mountains, has the traditional architecture of southern Morocco.

The village of Ait Benhaddou is famous for having been used as a stage in dozens of movies. Most of the time, this village replaced Jerusalem.

You can also spend a night at Ait Benhaddou to enjoy the dazzling light of sunrise or sunset.

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The Waterfalls Of Ouzoud: The Second Tallest In Africa

ouzoud waterfalls

Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud Waterfalls are in the Azilal region, 150 km northeast of Marrakech. Ouzoud waterfalls are the highest waterfall in Morocco with a height of 110 meters. 

The waterfalls are one of the most visited natural sites in Morocco. The nearby Berber village, green valleys, and fruit orchards make this site like a little piece of heaven. 

From Ouzoud waterfalls you can visit the Bin El Ouidane Lake. Bin El Ouidane is the highest arch-shaped dam in Africa. 

What can I do here? You can relax, swim, dive, fish and practice many nautical sports and activities.

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Amizmiz: A Hidden Berber Town

Mountain Lodge In Amizmiz

Mountain Lodge In Amizmiz

Amizmiz is a small Berber town 55 kilometers south of Marrakech. In the hills of Amizmiz, there are many small Berber villages worth visiting. 

Many of them still don't have running water or electricity. Donkeys and mules are the principal means of transport. Meanwhile, the people are incredibly hospitable and generous. 

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