The Complete Guide To Visit Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira

Sidi Kaouki beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Lovers of wild landscapes, surf, and photography are in orbit.

Here, the color of the ocean turns turquoise blue. The waves touch the golden sands. 

The Complete Guide To Visit Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira

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How Does Sidi Kaouki look?

Who Is Sidi Kaouki?

How To Get To Sidi Kaouki Beach?

What Is The Best Time To Visit Sidi Kaouki Beach?

Safety Warning On Sidi Kaouki Beach

The Windy Sidi Kaouki

The Water Of Sidi Kaouki Beach

What to do in Sidi Kaouki Beach?

  1. Relaxing
  2. All Kind Of Surfing
  3. Walking Along The Beach
  4. Camels Riding
  5. Horses Riding
  6. Quad biking
  7. Yoga

Where To Eat At Sidi Kaouki?

Where To Stay At Sidi Kaouki

How Does Sidi Kaouki look?

Argan Tree

Goats On Argan Tree

The narrow road that leads to Sidi Kaouki crosses a beautiful forest of argan and thuja. Gradually, you will be descending towards the big blue ocean. At the end of the road, you will find a car park populated with vans. 

An immense and almost deserted beach is now in front of you. Sidi Kaouki is one of the best beaches of Essaouira you need to visit. The large dunes stretched out as far as the eye can see towards the southern coasts. Here is Sidi Kaouki! 

Who Is Sidi Kaouki?

sidi kaouki marabout

Sidi Kaouki Marabout

An iconic white marabout stands opposite the parking lot. Under the white dome of the mausoleum rests the saint of the village. The beach owes its name to this marabout. 

But who was Sidi Kaouki? Some stories told that he was a vet who saved goats from a plague epidemic. Other stores said that he was a lord who came from the Middle East to find peace. The versions differ.

Local Berber pilgrims used to come to implore the baraka (luck) of the holy man. Now global pilgrims, with board sports equipment come to seek the joy of riding waves.

How To Get To Sidi Kaouki Beach?

Sidi Kaouki is 25 km south of Essaouira via the P2201.

Go By Car

It will take you less than half an hour to get to the resort by car.

Take A Public Bus

From Essaouira, take a public bus to get to Sidi Kaouki. These buses take around 40 minutes, and the ticket costs 7dh.

Take A Taxi

You can get a seat by 15 Dhs. Or rent the entire vehicle for 100 Dhs.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Sidi Kaouki Beach?

The middle year months have pleasant weather. 

January and August are the busiest months. Prices for hotels and flights may be expensive during these months.

Safety Warning On Sidi Kaouki Beach

Be aware of the current when swimming in Sidi Kaouki: this is not the Mediterranean here!

You will rarely feel sunburn on the beach. But after, that's another story. The wind is the best accomplice to UV rays. Remember to protect yourself well during a trip to Morocco!

The Windy Sidi Kaouki

sidi kaouki wind farm

Sidi Kaouki Wind Farm

The hippies frequented Sidi Kaouki beach in the 1970s. Now surfers, kitesurfers, and windsurfers took their place.

The wind, northeast, is blowing hard on the beach of Sidi Kaouki. There is a wind farm planted beyond the marabou. When you see this farm, you can understand the power of winds on this seaside.

If the wind is a delight for windsurfers, it also spoils lovers of ocean landscapes. It is sculpting fleeting dunes on the edge of the argan forests. 

The Water Of Sidi Kaouki Beach

When you are at the Atlantic coast, you have the impression that you are touching the end of the world.

When you trifle with the ocean, another sensation arises. The water is fresh. And this is not an impression.

On many beaches on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, the water is cold: between 15 ° C (in winter) and 21 ° C (in summer).

What to do in Sidi Kaouki Beach?


sidi kaouki umbrella

Sidi Kaouki Beach

Spoil yourself in a well-deserved relaxation session. Deckchairs and beach umbrellas are available for a few Moroccan dirhams.

All Kind Of Surfing 

sidi kaouki windsurf

Sidi Kaouki Windsurf

Wave surfing and kitesurfing. For windsurfers, there are several clubs renting equipment in the village.

Walking Along The Beach

Take a morning walk or jog along the kilometers and kilometers of virgin beaches.

Camels Riding

sidi kaouki camels

Camels On Sidi Kaouki Beach

Let yourself appreciate a fun ride on the back of a camel. The camel drivers will not fail to offer you a photo walk near the car park and the marabout.

Horse Riding

sidi kaouki horses

Riding Horses On Sidi Kaouki Beach

Horse riding on the beach hair in the wind. Many clubs in the village offer horseback riding.

Quad biking

sidi kaouki quads

Quads - Sidi Kaouki Beach

Many agencies offer quad biking excursions in the area of Sidi Kaouki.


Many agencies offer Yoga and Surf Camp in Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira.

Where To Eat At Sidi Kaouki?

For low budget

Sidi Kaouki Restaurants

Sidi Kaouki Restaurants

Between the parking lot and the marabout, there are snacks and aligned on the small square. These snacks offer decent food. The menu includes fish, salad, pizzas, and tagines at a reasonable price. For a better guarantee of product freshness: avoid empty establishments. Sit where there are people!

Restaurants At Sidi Kaouki

Many restaurants in Sidi Kaouki offer high gastronomical foods. Of course, with the price that comes with it.

Where To Stay At Sidi Kaouki

For a small village, Sidi Kaouki has a surprising option of accommodation. 

Hotels in Sidi Kaouki

If you travel with your family, this is the best option for you when visiting Sidi Kaouki. 

Many hotels have stunning views from their rooms.

On average, 3-star hotels in Sidi Kaouki cost between 30$ per night to 70$. 

Riads and villas

Luxury Villa In Sidi Kaouki

Luxury Villa In Sidi Kaouki

Riads and villas are also good alternatives for families and couples.

There are many riads and villas in Sidi Kaouki that offer a good service.


Sidi Kaouki Camp

Sidi Kaouki Camp

If you want to be close to the ocean, this is the best choice for you. Park your truck in the camping, and the beach is right across the street. 

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